Please consult the following FAQs for answers to common questions about our Affiliate Program, our product, and Neuropathy in general:

Affiliate Program FAQ
Neuropathy Sufferer FAQ
The Neuropathy Solution FAQ

The Neuropathy Sufferer FAQ will shed light on who the 20-30 million neuropathy suffers in America are.  Please feel free to use it, and the other FAQs where applicable, in designing your promotional efforts to reach these potential customers.

If you have questions that are not answered here, or anywhere else in our affiliate pages, please send an email to James at: affiliates[at]theneuropathysolution.com

Affiliate Program FAQ

Q. Why promote The Neuropathy Solution program?

The Neuropathy Solution program is a terrific new product directly targeting a massive, underserved niche of 20-30 million neuropathy sufferers (in the US alone) who are desperately seeking solutions to this debilitating health problem.  The Neuropathy Solution offers high commission reimbursement to help you make the most money.  Perhaps more importantly though, The Neuropathy Solution has the powerful potential to positively change the lives of neuropathy sufferers worldwide by resolving their excruciating pain.

Q. How much do I get paid?

The commission rate is 75%. Our main product sells for $47.95.  Please keep in mind that we currently have a number of upsell products which promise to increase the possible potential sales amount fairly substantially in coming months.  Since Dr. Help Books is a brand new vendor on Clickbank, we are not yet approved to offer one-click upsell items.  We anticipate that this approval will be forthcoming in relatively short order.  To stay abreast of the latest developments on the subject of our upsell offerings, be sure to subscribe to our affiliate newsletter via the sign up box in the left column on this page.

Q. Who pays me, and when do I get paid?

Clickbank pays you! Clickbank is a third party processor that takes care of all the affiliate sales and paychecks. They are #1 payment processor online for digital downloads. Clickbank will send you a paycheck in the mail every two weeks, and you can check your affiliate stats and income simply by logging into your Clickbank account with the details they provide upon signing up.

You can find out more information about how commissions and payments work with Clickbank by visiting the commissions and payment page on the Clickbank site.

Q. What is the conversion rate for The Neuropathy Solution?

The Neuropathy Solution is launching on Clickbank in early 2012, and so as of yet we don’t have a solid basis for calculating a conversion rate on cold traffic.  That said, in nearly two years of sales and testing on our own branded sites, products and communications, including drhelpbooks.com, and the sites of a few selected partners with highly-targeted relevancy, our warm traffic conversion rate has been far above 10%. Please keep in mind as well, that interest in neuropathy will only continue grow.  Though the condition has existed for many years, only now is it finally getting the attention of the media and the health care industry at large, thanks in large part due the alarming and explosive increase in the prevalence of diabetes, which is very often precursor to "nerve pain" or neuropathy.  It can honestly be said the The Neuropathy Solution offers a ground floor opportunity in a niche with staggering potential. It is absolutely worth your time and effort to give this new niche product a try in your affiliate endeavors.

Q. How much do your top affiliates make each month?

As previously mentioned, The Neuropathy Solution is launching for affiliates via Clickbank in early 2012, and so as of yet we don’t have reliable numbers to report on our top affiliates.  Stay tuned for us to update this section of the FAQ in the months ahead.  Keep in mind, of course, that as with all successful Clickbank products, the more time and/or money you put into promoting The Neuropathy Solution  program the greater the return will usually be.

Q. How long do the cookies stay on the customer’s computer?

Cookies are tracked for 60 days. So if a customer returns within this time frame you will still get credit for the sale.

Q. What information can I use to promote The Neuropathy Solution program?

Feel free to use and customize any of the articles, images, FAQs, testimonials, quotes, keywords and other information found at either www.TheNeuropathySolution.com or www.TheNeuropathySolution.com/affiliates (which is the affiliate section of the site that you are currently visiting).  To help you navigate through the resources we’ve created for affiliates, you can use the "Affiliate Resources" menu that you will find in the upper left of each page.  Remember to keep checking back here for updates, as we are always trying to add more information and tools for you to use.

On that note, we also strongly suggest that you subscribe to our affiliate newsletter if you haven’t done so already.  Our affiliate newsletter is the surest was to stay informed of all that we have in the works to help our affiliates succeed.  You can subscribe via the opt-in box in the left column on this page. e.

Neuropathy Sufferer FAQ

Q. I have been diagnosed with Peripheral Neuropathy. What is it?

Peripheral Neuropathy is, for all practical purposes of understanding, a slow, gradual dying process of the peripheral sensory nerves. This “slow dying” process results from “anoxia”. This word, anoxia, simply means that there is insufficient oxygen available for a given physiological process to take place in a normal fashion. Without sufficient oxygen to support normal nerve cell metabolism, there is a resulting loss of nerve signal transmission between the nerve cells.

Q. Why is Peripheral Neuropathy so painful?

We now know that in Peripheral Neuropathy dying nerves send sensory nerve transmissions back to the brain which are aberrant, or abnormal.  They are painful, hot, and tingly signals which are interpreted by the sufferer as being very uncomfortable.  This abnormal situation is due in large part to a larger-than-normal gap which is created between nerve synapses as the neurons that support them shrink and die in the presence of toxic blood.  These pathologically retracted neurons are now “set up” to malfunction since the wider space, or gap, makes the synaptic “electric” connection much less efficient for nerve signals to transmit correctly. The effect could perhaps be compared to how a “spark plug” works in a gasoline engine; the width of the gap needing to be very precise.

Q. What, if anything, can I do to correct this situation?

By following all of the recommended procedures outlined in The Neuropathy Solution you’ll be well on your way to correcting and normalizing this abnormal spacing between nerve synapses.  Within The Neuropathy Solution you will also learn how you can restore the organic electrolyte material that is so desperately needed within this inter-neuronal gap to ensure that nerve signals happen in a normal, healthy manner.

Q. What causes neuropathy in the feet?

Neuropathy in the feet is a very common condition. According to the Neuropathy Association, over 20 million Americans suffer from peripheral neuropathy in the feet. Neuropathy can strike at any age, but it is more common among older adults.  It is estimated that 30% of cases of neuropathies are idiopathic, or have an unknown cause.  In another 30% of cases, diabetes is the cause.  The other 40% can be attributed to the items listed below:

  • Cancer/Chemotherapy
  • Alcohol
  • Genetics
  • Trauma
  • Deficiency of vitamins, especially vitamin B12
  • Kidney failure
  • AIDS
  • Guillain-Barre Syndrome
  • Exposure to radiation
  • Tumors
  • Medication
  • Systemic lupus erythematosus
  • Scleroderma
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Morton’s neuroma, or “interdigital neuropathy”
  • Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome

Q. I am not diabetic, but I still have neuropathy symptoms, why is that?

Neuropathy affects many non-diabetic persons.  Reduced oxygenation of the blood in the feet can be caused by various factors such as: Being overweight, aging, inactivity, sudden reduction of blood pressure, as well as other causes such as Chemotherapy, drug and alcohol abuse, and HIV treatment.

Q. I have used “Gabapentin” and other prescription drugs.  I am not at all satisfied with the results.  What can I do?

Strong medications like Gabapentin, Lyrica and OxyContin do not address the cause, nor do they cure Peripheral Neuropathy, but may suppress the symptoms in some cases.  The causes for neuropathy need to be addressed. The primary causes are decreased oxygen in the blood of the feet, as well as increased toxicity and waste products in the blood. This condition leads to degeneration of the sensory nerves resulting in the unwanted neuropathy symptoms.

Q. Why does my family doctor not take an active interest in my neuropathy problem?

Since drugs and surgery are not effective in the correction of neuropathy, resolving the condition requires more lifestyle management, patient education, and consistent involvement.  This situation is too time consuming for most doctors to be totally involved in the case.

Q. Can I ever be rid of the pain and numbness in my feet?

Many patients can and do get rid of these symptoms, and nearly all can get significant improvement by following the simple do-it-yourself procedures presented in The Neuropathy Solution.

Q. How can I stay on top of all the latest findings  concerning neuropathy?

Both medicine and science are very slowly but nevertheless surly training their attention on the massive, global neuropathy problem. With that in mind, it is strongly recommended that you subscribe to Dr. Labrum's Neuropathy Bulletin. Subscribing is quick, easy, and absolutely FREE -- click here to go to the Neuropathy Bulletin subscription page. Rest assured that your e-mail address will never be shared, sold, or abused, and if at any time you wish to stop receiving Dr. Labrum’s FREE Neuropathy Bulletin, it’s a simple one-click process to unsubscribe.

The Neuropathy Solution FAQ

Q. Is The Neuropathy Solution program reliable and proven?

Yes & Yes! Those neuropathy sufferers who read and follow the simple, recommended self-management steps in The Neuropathy Solution consistently experience tremendous help and improvement from this easy program which anyone can do.  Keep in mind that Dr. Labrum himself was a neuropathy sufferer before developing and then treating himself with this program.  What's more, Dr. Labrum fully stands behind The Neuropathy Solution.  If for any reason The Neuropathy Solution does not make sense to you, or deliver the results you feel it should, please return it for a full refund.

Q. Is The Neuropathy Solution program safe?

Absolutely!  The Neuropathy Solution does not suggest the use of drugs, nor does it recommend surgery or any other invasive forms of treatment.  The techniques and procedures recommended in the The Neuropathy Solution are safe, sure, and simple enough that virtually anyone can accomplish them

Q. Will following the 6 simple steps in The Neuropathy Solution program really bring me relief?

Even without knowing the severity of your condition, what your age is, or the cause of your neuropathy, Dr. Labrum is confident of this: You CAN get a worthwhile amount of improvement and correction of your neuropathy condition by following the recommendations being provided for you in The Neuropathy Solution program.  Regardless of the parameters of each individual case, Dr. Labrum has personally advised and managed many cases of neuropathy using this approach and has had satisfying results in every one, including his own.  Most of these cases have received total relief, just as Dr. Labrum did with his case.  Please know that extremely advanced and degenerated cases are certainly not expected to achieve such dramatic results.  Be reminded however, that these types of patients would undoubtedly be grateful for even 10-30% improvement.

Q. How soon can I begin The Neuropathy Solution program?

The Neuropathy Solution program is available for instant purchase and download at www.TheNeuropathySolution.com.  Once you’ve downloaded The Neuropathy Solution you can immediately begin implementing the recommended steps. It’s that simple and easy!

Q. How how long will it take before I experience results?

The Neuropathy Solution contains steps that, when followed as directed, can provide almost instantaneous relief.  After a 30-day "treatment protocol" of employing all 6 steps, this relief is often made permanent when other simple ongoing lifestyle improvements have also been incorporated.

Q. Is there anyway I can get a printed, physical copy of the program?

As of right now The Neuropathy Solution is only available as a downloadable PDF-format document that can be enjoyed on many electronic devices, and easily printed on any home printer.  We anticipate reprinting a "physical" copy of the program, but not in the near term.  The best method for receiving updates and information concerning a future physical copy of the program is via Dr. Labrum's Neuropathy Bulletin.  If you haven't done so already, be sure to subscribe to this important resource by clicking here.

Q. Does Dr. Labrum recommend any other sources of information about neuropathy?

Yes.  Dr. Labrum highly encourages each sufferer and student of neuropathy and related subjects to read, study, and view as much related material as possible, to gain exposure to a wide cross-section of treatments and theories that exist.  To inspire you in this endeavor, Dr. Labrum has included a list of trusted titles publications on Neuropathy Resources page on this site.  You can view these recommendations by clicking here.

Q. I read that The Neuropathy Solution is guaranteed?  What does this mean, and how do I go about getting a refund?

Yes.  Your satisfaction with The Neuropathy Solution is completely guaranteed by a full 60-day, 100% money-back guarantee.  If you are not satisfied with your purchase, for  any reason, simply send your request for a refund to us following the instructions included in the documentation you receive by e-mail when making your purchase.  You can also contact us directly to initiate a refund by clicking here.  The refund process is simple and hassle free.

Q. How do I purchase The Neuropathy Solution?

Easily!  Simply click any of the "Add to Cart" buttons on our home page -- which you can return to by clicking here.  You will immediately be directed to a secure checkout page where you can complete your purchase using virtually any of the popular payment methods currently available, including the majority of major credit cards.

Q. Will the transaction be secure?  And what about all of my private information?

Yes. And Yes. We partner with, and run all of our transactions through the Internet's original leading providers of internet transactions involving the sale of digital-type information content such The Neuropathy Solution.  These providers employ the very latest in online security measures, including encryption and authentication technologies from trusted vendors like Verisign and Thawte, ensuring that the sales transaction and your private information stay secure. 

Q. I've made my purchase, now what?

Once your transaction is completed, you will be automatically redirected to a unique and secure download page where you can immediately download and begin enjoying all the materials included in The Neuropathy Solution and any complimentary BONUS materials that Dr. Labrum has included with your purchase.  Additional information will also be e-mailed to you, including a link to your personal download page which will allow you to download your materials again if you encounter problems, or at a later, more convenient time.

Q. What format will The Neuropathy Solution be in?  Is any special software required to be able to read it? 

The Neuropathy Solution and any BONUS materials come as eBooks that you will download in the popular PDF file format.  The exception to this is any included Audio Recording(s), which you will download in the ubiquitous MP3 format.  The PDF format is a universally recognized format that ensures that your new eBook(s) will not only open without problem on your computer, whether PC or Mac, but also that your eBook(s) will look and read exactly as the author has intended.  This is particularly important with a work like The Neuropathy Solution as it contains stunning color photography, rich typography, and a gorgeous page layout.  In order to open and appreciate the materials included in The Neuropathy Solution you need a PDF reader program.  There are many of these readily available for FREE online, with the most widely-used and well-known of them being Adobe Reader.  You can quickly and easily download Adobe Reader by clicking here.

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