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Once you have signed up at Clickbank for an affiliate account you are ready to start promoting and marketing The Neuropathy Solution.  Clickbank is FREE for affiliates, so if you haven't signed up yet click here or go to and choose the "Sign Up" link under the "Affiliates" headline.

Marketing The Neuropathy Solution is extremely simple!  In fact, it is as easy as putting special Internet links on your web pages, newsletters and elsewhere which will send traffic to the The Neuropathy Solution website.  These special links are called “CLICKBANK HOPLINKS” and they are important because this is how Clickbank keeps track of the traffic you send to our website, which in turn allows you to earn a commission on the sales you generate.

The first item of business after you have signed up for a Clickbank affiliate account is to understand how to make a hoplink. Keep in mind that making a hoplink incorrectly is akin to putting an ad in the Yellow Pages with the wrong phone number!  Remember: You alone are responsible for ensuring that your hoplinks are coded correctly.

TUTORIAL: Creating Your Hoplink

A properly created hoplink is formatted like this:

To make this hoplink functional, a couple of elements must now be customized.  First, "vendor" must be replaced with the actual vendor or product name.  In the case of The Neuropathy Solution you will use "neursolpro".  The modified hoplink will then look like this:

The remaining step is to insert your Clickbank affiliate nickname (also referred to as a "ClickBank ID" or "CBID") in the place of the xxxxxx's in the hoplink.  If your affiliate nickname is "jamesblog", for example, the modified hoplink would look like this:

That’s all there is to it!  Now, when someone clicks your hoplink they will be redirected to the The Neuropathy Solution website and a small tracking file known as a "cookie" will be placed onto the computer of the visitor, “marking” the visitor as a referral you generated.

Clickbank uses 60-day cookies, which means that you will get the commission (currently 75% of net sale) from a purchase made by a visitor you send to the The Neuropathy Solution website, whether it is made the day of the first visit, or at any time within the next 60 days.  Clickbank also uses what is known as “last cookie”, which means the last affiliate cookie placed on the visitor's computer will get credit.  If someone visits the The Neuropathy Solution website through your hoplink, but then leaves only to visit the website again through someone else’s hoplink, the owner of the second hoplink will get credit. Conversely, if your hoplink is clicked last you will get the credit.

If you are using hoplinks on a web page, tests have shown that when people realize they are being "sold" something on a commission basis (as opposed to simply getting a “recommendation” from an independent 3rd party) the conversion rate can drop, therefore it’s best to “hide” your affiliate hoplink in your HTML code and use as the display link where possible.

Obfuscated Links

Some Clickbank affiliates choose to create what is called an obfuscated link by using a link generator found on the Clickbank site:

Clickbank Hoplink Generator

An obfuscated link created with the Clickbank generator will look similar to this:

Though it looks different, it actually the same hoplink as the one that follows, and will lead the visitor to the same destination:


A TID stands for "Tracking ID".  This is something you can add to the end of your hoplink in the query string for tracking purposes (the query string is everything after the ? in a URL). It looks like this:

When you make a sale with the TID included the value (in this case “ad1″) will show up in the TID column of the transactions page in ClickBank.  You can use these tracking IDs to find out which of your ads and/or links are the most effective and then optimize the ones that are less effective, either by changing the ad/text or the location in which the ads are placed.

Easy enough!  Now you can link to the The Neuropathy Solution and begin generating sales.

Questions: Contact James, our marketing and affiliate guru, by e-mailing: affiliates[at]

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