Advertising Online with Paid Traffic & Keywords

Pay Per Click ("PPC") Advertising

Though their ranks are thinning because of Google's overwhelming online presence, there still exist numerous online advertising networks where you can purchase paid traffic in order to bring more potential customers to our The Neuropathy Solution products. A short list of some of better-known English-language networks might include:

  • Ad Magnet (India)
  • Adblade
  • AdBrite
  • AdTaily (UK)
  • Blogads
  • Casale Media (Can)
  • Clickbooth
  • DoubleClick
  • ExoClick (Spain)
  • Hydra Network
  • Kontera
  • MadAds Media
  • Media Strike
  • Nuffnang (Aus, Phillipines)
  • RealTechNetwork
  • Right Media
  • ValueClick
  • VoloMedia
  • Zedo

You will typically need to set up an campaign with the network or networks you choose to use, then optimize it to get positive results. Experience suggests that many of these resources will not be profitable right from the beginning, but if you are patient and devoted, it is possible to optimize in fairly short order so as to start seeing some long term profit.

Please note that we do not recommend using Google Adwords. Google is notoriously strict when it comes to "little guy" health products, and has a tendency to flag any health product that claim to "work", even mildly, for virtually any health-related condition. This "flagging" can result in a number of unfortunate consequences to both your Adwords account (including possible suspension) and to our site (including low "quality" scoring). This is a simple fact of life online, with Google holding a virtual search engine monopoly.  A great number of online merchants are resisting however, including us, in hopes that one day Google will loosen its grip and become a fair and equitable online marketing partner. Until then, we recommend you approach marketing The Neuropathy Solution without Adwords as a part of your marketing mix.

We are also actively working on a rebranded version of the product (otherwise identical) which will be promoted on a pitch page that has been tested and "sterilized" to meet Google's tough vetting process. We recommend that you sign up for our Affiliate Newsletter to be informed about the development and pending launch of this "Google-friendly" version.


A frequent question is whether we have a proven list of "converting keywords."  The simple yet clear answer is No. Truth is, each ad and set of keywords you use will convert differently on each network. And in any case, by discovering which keywords work best for you in your unique marketing initiatives, you'll end up facing less competition for them.

There are nevertheless many good keyword tools out there. Google's keyword tool is free and a good starting point. 

One point is that as with many common keywords, a certain percentage of people will certainly misspell neuropathy.  There are a number of mispellings (nuropathy, nueropathy, neurapathy, etc.) that can increase the number of possible keywords, likely at a lower price.

With these thoughts in mind, here are some lists of the "usual keywords."  They contain hundreds of keyword combinations which you are, again, welcome to use, although these lists are by no means exhaustive.

The "Usual Keywords"

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