Building an E-mail Mailing List

"The Money is in the List"

When youíve got an e-mail list, you can sell products and services simply through e-mail with a push of the "send" button.  Itís the easiest, quickest way to make volumes of sales and drive a ton of traffic for free.

One of the main reasons why an e-mail list is so important is its ability to create a relationship and build trust between you or your brand/product and your readers.  When people on your list start to receive your e-mails on a regular basis, they begin to get to know you and see how much you know about the things that concern them.  With consistent e-mails, you can build a lasting connection between you and your readers

If a reader signs up for your newsletters they usually know very little about you, so they will be more resistant to trusting you, which ultimately makes them harder to sell to.  Once they start to receive your e-mails however, they become more and more likely to consider and act upon your recommendations.  Studies show that e-mail lists have higher conversions rates than websites, since you've already built a relationship with your customers through e-mails and newsletters.

How to Collect E-mail Addresses

To build and manage an e-mail mailing list, you first need to create a way for people to enter their e-mail information.  There are many ways to do this.  You might have an opt-in box in your web page (similar to the one in the left column on this page) or a flying pop-over subscription form that must be cleared before visitors can access your site pages.  You can also have an exit grabber on your site to entice people to opt-in before they leave.  One idea to make subscribing more tempting for people is to offer some kind of related FREE giveaway.

It is important to remember that e-mail lists only work when you use them frequently.  But donít use every e-mail to try and sell people.  Some experts suggest that you should have 3 informational e-mail messages for every 1 advertising message.

It is also important to emphasize the necessity of a good, quality e-mail list management partner.  At The Neuropathy Soltuion we entrust all of our e-mail list management to a company known as Aweber.  They're cheap, reliable, and provide all the tools, insight and support you need to successfully manage an e-mail list.  To learn more about Aweber click here

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