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The Neuropathy Bulletin is a unique resource designed specifically for sufferers of Peripheral Neuropathy & Diabetic Nerve Pain!

As a former sufferer of PN, Dr. Randall Labrum knows as well as anyone what it means to have this frustrating condition rob you of your health, lifestyle and outlook.  Having developed a program that has since helped people the world over overcome neuropathic nerve pain, Dr. Labrum also knows just wait takes to resolve the condition once and for all. It is with this goal in mind that he publishes the FREE Neuropathy Bulletin Newsletter.


Signing up is as easy as entering a name and valid e-mail address in the sign-up box at right.  Here are 7 good reasons why you should do so right now:


1. Tips, Insight and Inspiration for Nerve Pain Sufferers

Get proven, effective, empowering information about what you can be doing right now to both survive Neuropathy / Diabetic Nerve Pain and eventually resolve the condition!

"The tools I got from Dr. Labrum's Bulletin helped me ease the pain each day.  But more than that they gave me back hope.  And that was more valuable than gold."

2. Reviews & Recommendations on the Latest Products and Treatment Approaches

Dr. Labrum will keep you informed about all the latest products and treatments for neuropathy/diabetic nerve pain - including the good, the bad, and the ugly - in what is quickly becoming one of the most active areas of medical research.

"I wasn't willing to believe that I had treatment options for my PN that didn't included prescription meds.  Fortunately, Dr. Labrum's review opened my mind and I've been surviving just fine without the drugs for 7 months now."

3. Recipes & Exercises Designed Specifically for Nerve Pain Sufferers

With these most recent features added to the Neuropathy Bulletin, you'll get  valuable suggestions for eating and exercising correctly -- two of the most critical aspects of healing your damaged nerves.  As with everything Dr. Labrum publishes, these recipes and exercises are as simple, easy and no-nonsense as they are effective.

"Wow!  I wasn't expecting recipes. I cooked them tonight and I must admit I was blown away.  And so was my skeptical husband.  How wonderful it is to eat a delicious meal knowing that I'm also aiding the nerves in my feet to heal."

4. Updates, Articles Research / Special Offers

Dr. Labrum's research into peripheral nerve pain is ongoing.  As a subscriber to the Neuropathy Bulletin, you'll get access to all his latest articles and findings, as well as free updates to many of his landmark publications and programs, such as The Neuropathy Solution Treatment Program.

"Thank you for the update!  I was just discussing my neuropathy with my doctor and because of your new information I can see that he hasn't been fully informed about all the options, which is what I have been suspecting all along."

5. Exclusive Promotions & Offers

Benefit from subscriber-only pricing & discount offers on the products and services Dr. Labrum recommends for Peripheral Neuropathy and Diabetic Nerve Pain sufferers.  Thanks to trusted relationships with numerous manufacturers and distributors, Dr. Labrum can occasionally pass along unbeatable prices.  Plus, you'll get special discounts from the Electrotherapy Devices & Accessories Store on the Dr. Help Books website.

"I'd been shopping for a used ReBuilder 300 for several months.  And then I got the e-mail from Dr. Labrum with the special and was able to purchase a brand new one for hundreds less than I was expected to pay used."

6. Just Enough Contact to Be Useful

Dr. Labrum knows your time and privacy are of utmost concern. With this in mind, the Neuropathy Bulletin only comes to you only a few times each month.  If ever you decide to stop receiving it, simply click on the unsubscribe link that you'll find at the bottom of each message and you'll be removed from the mailing list. It's as easy as that! What's more, rest assured that we will never share, sell, or abuse your name and e-mail address.

"I really look forward to the messages I get each month from Dr. Labrum.  They're always well worth the few minutes they take to enjoy."

7. It is absolutely FREE!

Everything just described above comes with your subscription to the Neuropathy Bulletin, and all of it is FREE.  There's no charge whatsoever!  No now.  Not ever. Don't wait another moment.  Enter a name and valid e-mail address in the fields in the box above to get started today.


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